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Watch Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 Online

It’s almost time to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online because the fight is taking place in just two watch pacquiao vs rios 247weeks. The first episode of Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 aired yesterday and it was a great reflection of what got us to this point. Just a couple years ago whenever we spoke about Pacquiao we would be speaking about Floyd Mayweather Jr too and a possible fight between the two. This is no longer the case after Pacquiao lost to Bradley and then got knocked out by Marquez. The latest 24/7 episode talks about this and about all the upsand downs that Manny has gone through the last year. Rios also had his ups and downs and being iunder the lights is definitely a new experience for him, one he is ready for.

Pacquiao vs Rios Online Episode 1

watch pacquiao rios trainingThe first episode of 24/7 for this fight was definitely a fitting one. It is important for the fans to see that Pacquiao has gone through alot in his last two fights and that Rios is an upcoming star about to break out. Anything can happen in this fight and it very much could affect the future fights that we see. In the first episode we relive the Marquez fight. How Manny was hoping for a knockout heading in and he was very aggressive from the beginning. He had Marquez badly hurt at one point and he was about to finish the fight. At the bell in the sixth round Marquez landed a shot flush on Pacquiao’s face and it ended the fight and the chapter with Pacquiao’s face flat on the canvas. Definitely a disturbing view and watch Pacquiao vs Rios online to see how Manny comes back from that traumatic loss.

Rios Not Nervous, Believes He Will Shock The World

The second half of the episode is about Brandon Rios and his path to this fight. We can tell from rios 247the very beginning that Rios is grateful for this opportunity and that he is a kid that likes to have fun. Brandon has fought many tough guys over his career and he has taken a lot of punishment but he has always found a way to win. A fighter that Bob Arum compared him to was Arturo Gatti because of his forward offensive style. This is very entertaining for the fans and when put in the same ring as Pacquiao it could make for great boxing. The fight is in just two weeks and fans can watch Pacquiao vs Rios online and the 24/7 episodes when they get uploaded to Youtube by HBO.

Manny Looks To Prove That He Still Has Killer Instinct

When you ask Freddie Roach how he feels about Manny Pacquiao he will tell you that he is the best person he has met in boxing and that he would never let him get hurt. This is why Roach said he let Manny fight, because he truly believe that he still has it in him. Manny said that he wants to regain the trust and confidence of the fans and will do so vs Rios. He wants to win this fight and win it in a convincing manner because anything else would leave questions. A Mannny loss and he sinks deeper, but a Manny win and he is back in the thick of things with all sorts of potential fights ahead of him. Watch Pacquiao vs Rios online to see what happens!


Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Online: Face off and 24/7 Dates Announced

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios online as Top Rank is prepared to go all out for the upcoming fight in Macau. Face off will air on November 2nd according to HBO Sports and on November 9th the first episode of 24/7 takes place. This entire event is a never before seen kind of thing since the fights are normally held in Las Vegas, not Macau China. It is great exposure for China as a boxing nation and it will surely allow Top Rank and HBO Sports to capitalize on an entirely new segment of the boxing market. This is something HBO needs desperately ever since the departure of their golden goose Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Showtime, so it is no surprise that they are trying something new.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 Onlinewatch Pacquiao vs Rios fight

As a boxing fan there is nothing as good about these big fights than following the fighters get ready leading up to the fight. The best thing about HBO 24/7 and all the episodes, is that it gives us a look that we would have never otherwise seen. We are able to see the boxers train endlessly, be with their families, and be with their friends. For boxers, it is a must to change personalities depending on where they are. 24/7 really allows us to understand these fighters to a greater extent. All the episodes of this series will eventually be uploaded to YouTube by HBO so everyone will be able to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online in all the 24/7 episodes. This series should be especially interesting since for the first time in 24/7 history, both fighters are coming off of a losses. They both need a win, which makes things that much more interesting.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Face Off Online

Before HBO 24/7 airs, HBO and Top rank will warm us up with Face with Max Kellerman, which will show Pacquiao and Rios face to face being asked the tough questions by Max, who does this before all big HBO fights. This should be great to watch because we will see how both fighters react when they are face to face. Will Rios be intimidated by Manny or will he be ready to attack like most people think. Fans will also be able to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online on Face Off when HBO adds it to their YouTube channel.

Watch Pacquiao and Rios Fight For Respect

One of the more interesting subjects heading into this fight is the fact that both boxers are coming off of  losses. They both lost in their last bout. Pacquiao lost his last two to Bradley and Marquez and Rios lost to Alvarado. It isn’t typical for a fight in which two guys lost to be a pay per view event, but then again there are not many boxers that have done what Pacquiao has done in the sport. They deserve the 24/7 special and Pay Per View because at the end of the day Rios and Pacquiao are both top notch fights. This fight will send shock waves through the sport so watch Pacquiao vs Rios online and follow the fight.