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Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Online Live Streaming

Tonight fans can watch Pacquiao vs Rios online because the event that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. The biggest gambling mecca in the world, Macau China, will play host to the Pacquiao vs Rios fight which is by far the biggest fight ever to take place in China. Fans can watch all the action live. The main card will begin at 9PM ET which is Sunday morning in Macau. This event means a lot for boxing and more importantly, for the futures of Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios. Anyone that needs to see this fight live and does not have access to a TV can watch it online and experience every fight, and live every moment from the comfort of anywhere.

watch Pacquiao vs Rios online

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Fight Online Live

Manny Pacquiao’s path to return to the pinnacle of boxing begins tonight as he fights and young and hungry boxer in Brandon Rios that has something to prove. Rios will bring his toughness and power to the ring to try and stop the fast Manny Pacquiao. Manny has much on his mind as he will enter the ring for this fight. His home country, the Philippines has been suffering and this fight is dedicated to them and everyone coping with the disaster. This is also Manny’s return fight from the Marquez knockout which was heard around the world. Pacquiao comes in hungrier and well rested as he took off a year for this fight. There are many people worldwide who will be unable to watch the fight on PPV, so they can watch Pacquiao vs Rios online here.

Pacquiao, Rios Look Good at Weigh In

watch Pacquiao vs Rios live

The two participants of Saturday’s main event looked to be in incredible shape as they stepped into the weigh ins yesterday. Manny Pacquiao came in weighing 145lbs, perfect as normal. He looked strong which is a good thing for Pacquiao fans. All signs out of training camp are saying that he is in perfect condition. Brandon Rios also came to the weigh ins in great shape. He was a pound and a half heavier than Pacquiao but he looked slim and ready to go. When interviewed right after the weigh in, Rios had some choice words for Freddie Roach. He said that this is a message to Freddie Roach who insulted his worth ethic and called him lazy. Rios was in perfect shape and was ready to go so Roach might have motivated him. The world will watch Pacquiao vs Rios online on Saturday night and see a few things. They will see if Manny Pacquiao has what it takes to make a successful return to boxing and they will see if Brandon Rios is ready to move up in competition.

 What Pacquiao vs Rios live

There is no other way to watch a big championship fight of this caliber than to watch it live. The is exactly what fans can do with the new live streaming available for all major fights. Enjoy the event from anywhere in the world, just have a computer handy with internet access. Watch Pacquiao vs Rios online in the Clash of Cotai!

watch pacquiao vs rios live stream

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Online Fight Training Videos

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios online fight videos of both guys training right here. Pacquiao vs Rios onlineBrandon Rios is looking fresh and he’s looking like he is determined to become one of the top names in boxing. Pacquiao has gone on record and said that this fight will put his name back on top of boxing. He is training hard and for the first time perhaps ever, he is doing all of his training in the Philippines since the fight is taking place in China, only a few hours away. Brandon Rios is training in the United States as he always does and he will have a longer flight ahead of him but it is clear from footage of him at training camp that he is in good shape and his punches are looking stronger than ever.

Manny Pacquiao Training in The Phillipines

watch pacquiao training onlineFor Manny Pacquiao, there has not been a fight where he felt he needed to win to remain relevant in a very long time. Since perhaps the beginning of his career, Manny has never had so much on the line for a fight. If he loses that makes it three in a row and his fans would never be able to come back from that. This fight is taking place in China, and will be viewed throughout the United States. In a move that is reminiscent of the “Thrilla in Manilla”, this fight will take place at 10:00 am on Sunday in China, which is 9:00PM eastern time Saturday night, a normal pay per view time. This event is expected to one that captures a worldwide audience and Manny needs this win in front of the whole world to prove that he is still amongst the pound for pound best in boxing. People will be watching this fight all over the world and some will need to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online because of the nature of watching live sports. This event may hit more people than anything else out of China besides the Olympics, and it will be an event to remember.


Brandon Rios Looking Powerful

In recent footage of Brandon Rios coming out of camp, the young boxer is looking very strong. His watch brandon rios training onlinebody shots are looking vicious and if he lands one at the right moment it could cause some real damage. A reporter got in the ring to see what a Rios body shot looked like and let’s just say it didn’t turn out to good for the reporter. Watch Pacquiao vs Rios online and see the video below and Rios training and playing around a bit.


Manny and Rios Need The Win, Will Fight on Worldwide stage

watch pacquiao vs rios live

The fight being called the Clash in Cotai is getting attention from all over the world and it is an especially unique fight indeed. The big pay per view event that everyone is waiting for will kick off at 10:00 am, Macau time. It will be live in the US at normal Pay Per View times (around 9PM) but the fighters themselves will have to be up early on Sunday, something that is definitely a little shock to the system. Either way both fighters are really game and it can clearly be seen in all the training footage that they are training focused for this fight. Those that watch Pacquiao vs Rios online will also be able to see it live, something that will be incredible.